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Helping your new cat to settle in

Bringing home a new cat or kitten can be a really exciting time but it can be a scary and traumatic time for your feline friend. The new change in environment and routine can be extremely disorientating and unnerving, especially if he or she has come from a place in which they felt comfortable and […]

The top 10 cat & kitten names of 2018

Perhaps you welcomed a new feline friend during 2018 and want to see if their name has hit the top ten? Maybe you’re planning on cuddling a new kitten this New Year and you’re in need of some kitten name inspiration? Either way, you might want to cast your peepers over our top ten cat […]

Meowing mysteries: What does your cat’s meow mean?

Cats use a combination of body language signals and scent patterns to communicate with each other and will rarely “talk” to each other with a meow. Because humans don’t respond to these patterns, scientists believe that they have developed vocal interaction specifically to “speak” to humans. Have you ever wondered what your cat might be […]

Diet and nutrition advice for kittens and cats

There’s a huge variety of foods on the market to feed your kitten or cat – both wet and dry – making it difficult to decide which is the most appropriate. When choosing a food, it’s important to know that the needs of your cat will change throughout their life and will vary for different […]

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