How can you help your dog’s sensitive stomach?

Just like us, dogs can experience a stomach upset or become sensitive to a specific food or ingredients that make their digestive system work a little harder.

Signs to look out for which may mean your dog has a sensitive stomach:

• Loose or runny stools
• Poor appetite
• Occasional vomiting
• Constipation
• Dull coat

Digestive issues can be a sign of something else, so if you’re worried at all, it’s important you visit your vet for a check-up.

If your dog has been cleared of health issues and it’s determined that a sensitive stomach is the problem, there are diets and supplements you can try to support their digestive system and help them to enjoy an active life.

Gastric problems in dogs - stomach problems. A labrador outdoors.

Veterinary diets

Food sensitivities are down to the individual dog and it can be difficult to determine what triggers the stomach troubles. Veterinary Diets can be a great place to start if you’re not sure what ingredients your dog is reacting to. The Royal Canin Veterinary Diet includes a variety of foods which are formulated to maintain a healthy digestive system and provide the right amount of nutrients.

Remember to always seek advice from your vet before changing your dog’s food to a veterinary diet.

Probiotic supplements

Sensitive stomachs can also be caused by difficulty digesting food and extra support may be required to help your dog’s digestive system. A good digestive health supplement will compete with ‘bad’ bacteria for nutrients, fighting off pathogens and boosting your dog’s immune system.

Probiotic supplements like YuDigest Dog and YuDigest Plus provide gut-supporting natural ingredients, including a high strength BioActiv probiotic and prebiotic formula. These active ingredients work together to maintain a healthy natural balance in your dog’s digestive system to help soothe their tummy.

Treats and chews

There are treats and chews available specifically for sensitive dogs and include ingredients that are less likely to unsettle stomachs. Treats containing natural ingredients and can be fed every day throughout the year.

Visit the Animed Direct website for a full range of digestion and stomach products.

Gastric problems are the most claimed for conditions

Did you know? Gastric problems are the most claimed for conditions according to our MiPet Cover claims data. It’s a good idea to have a dog insurance policy in place in case of unexpected illnesses such as gastric problems.

(Source: MiPet Cover claims data, 2020)

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