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We want to see more of the UK’s pets insured.

As a nation of animal lovers, it’s sad to see that only 25% of dogs and 13% of cats have pet insurance cover in place in the case of unexpected injury or illness (Source: ABI, 2020).

We know you love your best friend. We know they mean the world to you. This is why we want to send a message out to all pet owners.

Let’s get #morepetsinsured

There’s no NHS for pets

Sadly, there’s no free National Health Service for our cats and dogs.

Here are some numbers around the costs and common claims for our pet insurance during 2019 (Source: Zenith Underwriting data from MiPet Cover claims during 2019)

Let's get #morepetsinsured. Here are some average claims figures.

Could you afford the vet bills if your furry friend needed veterinary care?

Annual vs lifetime cover

With so many pet insurance policies in the market, it can be confusing as to what’s really right for you and your pet’s needs. It’s easy to just pick the cheapest pet insurance policy and relax. But it’s important to take some time to consider if that policy would be enough if your pet suddenly developed a lifelong condition.

An annual policy (also known as ‘time-limited’) will only cover your pet for any new illnesses or injuries for 365 days.

A lifetime policy offers a far more comprehensive level of cover for your pet. These policies typically offer a fixed amount of veterinary fee cover which will be renewed each policy year, so long as you remain with the same provider, your premiums are paid up to date and you renew your cover every year. Lifetime cover will ensure that your pet can receive lifelong treatment should they develop a condition such as diabetes or arthritis.

Other types of cover

Accident only – These are generally 12-month policies that cover the cost of treating your pet in the event of an accident. This type of policy may cover the cost of the ongoing care of your pet in relation to any injury so long as you continue your cover with that provider.

Maximum benefit – These policies provide a fixed amount of money to cover the cost of any treatment for each new illness or injury. This amount will continue for each new illness or injury as long as the policy is renewed or until the limit has been reached.

Pet insurance policy benefits to look out for

When choosing a pet insurance policy, make sure you and your best friend are covered for all of your adventures.

Let's get #morepetsinsured. CVS Vets always recommend lifetime pet insurance.

Here are some of the policy benefits and features to look out for…

Other benefits to look out for are complementary therapies, PETS passport cover, pet helplines and quarantine costs.

Still not convinced that pet insurance is right for you and your pet?

If you don’t think it’s worthwhile insuring your pet, here are some facts, figures and statistics that might make you think again.

Let's get #morepetsinsured. There's no NHS for pets. One in five policyholders needed to make a claim on their pet insurance in 2019.


Our pet insurance claims are assessed in an average of 3.4 days.Let's get #morepetsinsured. Pet insurance from MiPet Cover.

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