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MiPet Cover pet insurance is here to help you care for your furry best friend. Our promise is simple. Live life to the fullest with your pet, and we’ll help you take care of the vet bills.

Like their owners, pets come from all walks of life. And you need a pet insurance policy that fits you both.

That’s why we’re shaping the industry for the better, working tirelessly with our vets all over the country to put you and your four-legged family members first.

Why us?

While most pet insurance policies are made in boardrooms, ours were created in practices by people who really understand your pets. It’s because we know pets are like any member of your family. And we want to make sure they enjoy the healthiest, longest and happiest lives possible. Whatever your needs, we care about you and your pet living with complete peace of mind. It’s what we do best.

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...because we care

What is pet insurance?

Most people don’t realise how much a veterinary bill can cost until the worst happens. Different breeds can also be prone to conditions that need lifelong treatment, such as diabetes or eczema.

Take out a policy with us to provide you with peace of mind, helping you with any unexpected veterinary costs

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