About MiPet Cover pet insurance

MiPet Cover pet insurance is part of CVS (UK) Limited, the largest provider of veterinary services in the UK. We’re always here to give your pet access to the best medical and healthcare available, whenever they need it.

Our success is derived from the passion our people have for animals and for making pets a priority, it’s what is at the heart of our work, every day.

We’ve spent time working with our vets and veterinary staff around the country, we learned that pet owners want more from their insurers. They’re tired with poor customer service, bored by complex legal language and fed up that claims take too long to pay out.

So, we got to work…

We know that your furry friends are not just pets; they’re members of the family. We want to make sure they enjoy the healthiest, longest and happiest lives possible.

We make sure our customers don’t need to worry about unexpected fees on their pet’s healthcare. We care about you and your pet living life with complete peace of mind, and that means knowing that we’ve got it covered, no matter what.