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Breed Profile and Dog Insurance

About the Cockapoo

A handsome mix of the energetic Cocker Spaniel and the affectionate and intelligent Poodle, the Cockapoo is one of the most pup-ular hybrid dogs in the world.

Affectionate and fun-loving, the personality of the Cockapoo makes it an excellent family pet.

Cockapoos fit well into the lives of families who like to be outdoors and active.

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Breed facts

  • Size: Small>medium breed
  • Height: 25-38cms
  • Weight: 5.4-11KG
  • Life expectancy: 13 years+
  • Temperament: Affectionate and fun-loving


What health conditions could affect my Cocker Spaniel?

It is generally true that cross-breeds are healthier than pedigrees due to their wider gene pool. However, this does not mean the Cockapoo is immune to becoming unwell. In fact, there are a number of health conditions that our veterinary professionals see more frequently in the Cockapoo than in other breeds. Pet insurance can help you cover the costs of clinical care should your canine companion fall ill or have an accident. Please don’t leave it until it’s too late to arrange cover. Let’s do the #BestForPets.


Allergic skin disease

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that allergic skin disease can be one of the most frustrating and disheartening conditions to manage.

Just when we think we’ve gotten on top of things, a dog may experience yet another flare up of pink and itchy skin. Cockapoos can be allergic to a range of things including foods, pollens, grasses and house dust mites.

Keep in mind, diagnosing allergies can be an expensive process and owners will end up spending thousands of pounds on their allergic pets through the years.

Ear infections (Otitis Externa)

Ear infections can go hand in hand with allergies, though also occur on their own.

Unfortunately, the thick and pendulous ears of the Cockapoo mean ear infections are common. Signs can include head shaking, a foul smell and bright red ear canals.

Treatment will usually consist of medicated ear drops and oral anti-inflammatories.

You can help prevent infections by regularly cleaning ears and ensuring they are thoroughly dried after bathing or swimming.

Eye Disease

There are a number of eye diseases that occur within the Cockapoo.

Progressive retinal atrophy and primary glaucoma are just two of the inherited conditions that can occur.

Ideally, parent breeds would be screened for these conditions before breeding. 

Hip dysplasia

As this orthopaedic disease is common in both the Poodle and Cocker Spaniel, it is little wonder the Cockapoo is often affected.

This is a chronic, debilitating condition that leads to joint pain and mobility issues.

Early signs can include ‘bunny hopping’ when running and a reluctance to exercise. Affected dogs are typically managed with ongoing pain relief and anti-inflammatories. Adjunctive care including canine massage and hydrotherapy may help too.

Depending on your insurance policy, the cost of this may be covered. Remember, it is important that affected dogs are not bred from.

Patellar Luxation

When the knee cap pops out of place, it is said to be ‘luxated’.

For some affected Cockapoos, signs are sporadic and mild. For others, however, they experience a great deal of discomfort associated with the condition.

Diagnosis of patellar luxation is with an orthopaedic exam and knee x-rays.

For many, surgery will be required to get the best results. Surgery alone may cost from £2,000 to £4,000 for one knee.

Average treatment costs

The average pet insurance claim currently stands at £848 according to the report produced by the Association of British Insurers in 2022. As there is no NHS for pets, could you afford to take your chances and not have cover in place for your Cockapoo?

Why choose MiPet Cover?

Our policies put you in control. You can flex your vet fee cover and fixed excess amount so you can get the cover your Cockapoo’s needs for a price that suits your budget.

Choose from up to £12,000 in lifetime pet insurance cover

Vet fee cover up to £12,000

Choose the level of lifetime vet fee cover that suits your Cockapoo’s needs, replenished every year you renew.

Up to £3 million in Third Party Liability (dogs only) - LifetimeFlex Lifetime pet insurance

Up to £3m third party liability

Cover to help with the legal side of things should your Cockapoo injure someone or cause damage to a third party’s property (dogs only).

Your lifetime pet insurance includes complementary therapy session

Complementary treatment

Cover for your Cockapoo to access complementary therapy sessions as advised by your veterinary professional.

Holiday cancellation cover with your lifetime pet insurance

Holiday cancellation cover

If your pet became ill and you needed to cancel or cut short a planned holiday, you could recover your financial losses.

Your lifetime pet insurance includes advertising and reward costs if your pet goes missing

Advertising & reward costs

We’ll help you with the costs of reuniting you with your lost pet for advertising and any rewards fees for their safe return

Your lifetime pet insurance includes access to 24/7 pet helplines

Pet helplines

You’ll get access to a number of 24/7 helplines. Whether you need help with counselling or pet legal matters, we’re here to offer a helping paw.

Your lifetime pet insurance includes Emergency treatment abroad

Emergency treatment abroad

We’ll help you with expenses (for things such as accommodation or transport) should your dog become ill or injured while you’re abroad. (Not WalkawayCover)

Your lifetime pet cover includes boarding and kennel fees if you need to go to hospital for 4 days or more

Boarding & kennel fee cover

If you become unwell and staying in hospital for 4+ days, we’ll pay towards the costs of your pet minder, kennels or cattery. (Not WalkawayCover)

What type of pet cover do I need?

With so many pet insurance policies in the market, it can be confusing as to what’s really right for you and your pet’s needs. It’s easy to just pick the cheapest pet insurance policy and relax. But it’s important to take some time to consider if that policy would be enough if your pet suddenly developed a lifelong condition or needed significant clinical care as a result of an accident or illness.

An annual policy (also known as ‘time-limited’) will only cover your pet for any new illnesses or injuries for 365 days.

A lifetime policy offers a far more comprehensive level of cover for your Cockapoo.

These policies typically offer a fixed amount of veterinary fee cover which will be renewed each policy year, so long as you remain with the same provider, your premiums are paid up to date and you renew your cover every year. Lifetime cover will ensure that your pet can receive lifelong treatment should they develop a condition such as diabetes or arthritis.

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Perfect for pet parents looking for a comprehensive lifetime policy with up to £12.000 vet fee cover.

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