How to make a pet insurance claim

We pride ourselves on our quick and easy claims process. It takes our claims team on average just 4.7 days to process your claim (MiPet Cover claims, Aug 2020-Jul 2021).

Our UK-based team of veterinary nurses and insurance specialists have seen it all. While they deal with your claim, feel free to ask them anything that’s on your mind. They’re fully trained to provide honest support, no matter your situation.

Claims are paid usually within 4.7 days

Making a claim has never been easier…

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Step 1 - Notify your surgery

If your veterinary fees are above your excess and you would like to submit a claim for treatment, the first step is to notify your veterinary surgery of your intention to claim. Be sure to update your veterinarian with your MiPet Cover policy number. You need to notify the MiPet Cover insurance team within 60 days of treatment if you would like to make a claim. If you require a pre-authorisation for treatment, your veterinarian can request a form and submit it to us for future treatment over £1,000.

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Step 2 - Making your claim

If your veterinarian is equipped to make electronic claims, you can fill in an electronic claim authorisation form for each condition at your veterinary surgery.

They will submit your claim directly to the MiPet Cover pet insurance team, processing claims within 5 to 10 working days OR you can download a claims form (PDF 126KB) to submit to your veterinary surgeon.

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Step 3 - We’ll be in touch

Relax while we handle your claim within two working days.

Our team of qualified veterinary professionals will evaluate your claim. If we need any more information, we will contact your veterinary surgeon directly or yourself for any details we may be missing. If you would like to check the status of a claim, please ring the MiPet Cover claims line at 0808 164 8001.

Do I need to claim?

Unfortunately, sometimes in life things happen when we least expect them. Our pets can get ill or have an accident leaving you facing a costly veterinary bill. That’s why you have MiPet Cover insurance to give you peace of mind, so that you can focus on getting your pet back to the best of health.

You can read more about making a claim in our FAQs, or feel free to contact our customer service team.

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