How to keep your indoor cat purring and pampered

For a variety of reasons, many people wish to keep their feline friend as an indoor cat. As with humans, sometimes life indoors can become boring for indoor cats (and stressful) if there’s not enough to keep them interested and entertained. Indoor cats may be prone to anxiety and weight gain, especially if they have […]

Dark walkies – Keeping you and your dog safe

With darker nights already upon us, many dog owners will have little choice but to take their dogs on evening ‘walkies’ due to shorter daylight hours. If you’re going to be one of them, it’s important to take steps to keep both yourself and your dog as safe as possible. This can potentially be a […]

Cat grooming tips – How to turn a clawsome experience into a purrfect one

Whether your feline friend is a longhair or a shorthair breed, he or she will benefit from a regular cat grooming routine. Unsurprisingly, longhair breeds need more substantial grooming to maintain a sleek appearance and to prevent their coat from matting, which could otherwise prove uncomfortable for your cat. While shorthair cats require less maintenance […]

How to make vet visits a calmer experience for your pet

A visit to the vets is not, generally, a pet’s favourite day trip. Sometimes pets dislike visiting the vet because of a negative past experience and others simply dislike the fact that a stranger is going to be inspecting them. Unfortunately, as much as your pet may dislike these visits, and whatever the reason for […]

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