Travelling with pets – Car travel with dogs and cats

If you’re planning a trip away and you’re taking your furry friend with you, it’s always wise to be prepared so you can be sure they’re safe and comfortable while you’re on the road. Travelling with pets can be so much easier when your cat or dog is happy with the prospect of moving about […]

How often should I walk my dog?

Dogs need regular exercise to keep them in good physical and mental health and experts generally agree that this should involve at least one daily walk. However, a lot will depend on your dog’s breed. Some breeds will benefit from just one walk per day, while others need to be walked several times per day. […]

Dog or cat? Things to consider before choosing a new pet

Would you love to introduce a new dog or cat to the family, but you can’t decide what’s the best choice for both you and your new fluffy friend? Children will often set their heart on one the that has the cute factor but this will not necessarily be the best option for your family. […]

When can I start taking my puppy out for walks?

As the owner of a new puppy, you may be unsure as to when you can walk your new puppy before they have been fully socialised and vaccinated by your vet. Here’s our guide to knowing when to get your puppy vaccinated so that they can be safely taken on walks. Why vaccinations are important […]

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