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How can I get my Cat to Drink more Water?

Although cats are able to survive on less water than dogs, they’re still prone to dehydration, especially as the temperature rises over the summer. If your cat doesn’t drink enough during the day, it can lead to common health issues such as constipation, lower urinary tract disease and urinary blockages. It’s particularly important for mature […]

Why do Dogs Chase their Tails?

Most dogs will chase their tail from time to time and there can be a number of reasons why your canine chum may display these behaviours. Here are some of the factors that can trigger your dog to chasing their tail and signs to look out for incase it may become a cause of concern. […]

Calmer Canines: Helping your Dog with Stress & Anxiety

We often turn to our canine companions for support when we’re feeling anxious or worried. In a recent study (PDSA Paw Report 2020), 89% of owners said that owning their pawsome pal makes them feel mentally healthier. But did you know dogs can feel stress and worry just like us humans? Changes in their routine […]

Shampooch: How Often Should I Give my Dog a Bath?

How often you should bathe your dog will depend a lot on their breed, lifestyle and health. Of course, dogs that like to spend time outdoors and have a habit of getting mucky will need regular bathing, but when those paws are away from muddy puddles, it can be difficult to know if you should […]

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