Helping your new cat to settle in

Bringing home a new cat or kitten can be a really exciting time but it can be a scary and traumatic time for your feline friend. The new change in environment and routine can be extremely disorientating and unnerving, especially if he or she has come from a place in which they felt comfortable and […]

Does my pet have fleas?

Fleas aren’t the nicest of things that pet owners have to deal with, but they are something we need to deal with all the same. The earlier you can tell if your cat or dog has fleas the easier they are to get rid of. We’ve spoken to our vets and put together a guide on how to spot […]

Staffies top the chart in ‘Britain’s Favourite Dogs’

Our nation of dog lovers has spoken! Last night, the countdown of 2019’s Britain’s Favourite Dogs saw the softy Staffordshire Bull Terrier claim victory over last year’s winner, the Labrador. Presenters Sara Cox and Ben Fogle counted down the top 100, with the final 10 up for a live public vote to finally crown this year’s […]

The top 10 cat and kitten names of 2018

Perhaps you welcomed a new feline friend during 2018 and want to see if their name has hit the top ten? Maybe you’re planning on cuddling a new kitten this New Year and you’re in need of some kitten name inspiration? Either way, you might want to cast your peepers over our top ten cat […]

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