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Pawpoints is a furry, fun card game for all the family, where real life pets go nose-to-nose across a number of categories.

Pawpoints - the fun and furry card game

Each pack features 40 playing cards, with real-life pets that are part of MiPet Cover and The Healthy Pet Club.

The aim of the game is to get your paws on all the cards, or if you prefer to play rapidly using a time limit, whoever has the most cards when time’s up is the victorious one!

All pets have different super powers, so they are ranked by mischief, floofiness, agility, tail power, snooziness and trick skills. Keep an eye out for those 10/10 scores, as they can certainly give you a competitive edge in Pawpoints.

Pawpoints cards - play to win

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How to play Pawpoints

1. Deal the cards equally across all players. All players must have their cards ‘pet-face-up’. The card facing up must be the one played.
2. The first player chooses a Pawpoints category and reads aloud the score on their card.
3. The other player(s) then say what their card’s score is for that Pawpoints category.
4. The player with the highest category score takes the other players card(s) and adds them to the back of their hand of cards.
5. That player now reads out their chosen category on their next card.

Repeat play until someone holds all the cards or choose a time limit for play. Whoever has the most cards wins!

More pets = more fun!

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