Puppy Insurance – Four weeks’ free WalkawayCover

Bringing home a boundless puppy for the first time can be an exciting experience. They’ll spend their first few weeks finding their feet… but sometimes they can get themselves into a spot of bother!

That’s why we’ve created WalkawayCover, four weeks of free puppy insurance that offers you and your new pup a bundle of great benefits. This’ll give you time to think while you’re choosing the right puppy cover for the future.

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Getting started with our free WalkawayCover has never been easier…

free insurance cover for pets

Step 1

Book an appointment for your puppy’s health check with your local participating vet.

Four weeks free WalkawayCover puppy and kitten insurance

Step 2

Once your new furry friend has been seen by the vet, and is eligible, your practice will set up your free WalkawayCover.

Free puppy insurance cover - A cute puppy drawing

Step 3

Relax knowing your puppy is covered for the next four weeks, giving you time to find the right policy.

Check your pet’s eligibility here

Not currently covered? Take advantage of four weeks’ free WalkawayCover today.

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Your pet is eligible for our four weeks’ free WalkawayCover. Get started by booking a health check with your local CVS vets. Or get in touch today with our UK-based team, if you have any questions.

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We’re afraid your pet isn’t eligible for our four weeks’ free WalkawayCover based on the information you’ve given us. Cover is only available to puppies and kittens aged between eight weeks to twelve months.

If your pet is over one year of ageget a quote today for one of our other policies.

If you have any questions, get in touch with our UK based team.

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WalkawayCover – benefits explained

This is our WalkawayCover protection which offers you peace of mind that your new puppy or kitten is covered in their early days. These are some of the highlights…

(Puppy must be between eight weeks to one year of age and is subject to a CVS health check. WalkawayCover covers illness and accidents instantly. Not all breeds of dog are eligible.)

£500 of vet free cover included in your free pet insurance

Vet fee cover

Get £500 of free veterinary fee cover, which can be ‘topped up’ (*see below for details).

£1 million dog third party liability insurance

Up to £1m third party liability

Cover to help with the legal side of things should your puppy injure someone or cause damage to a third party’s property (dogs only).

Pet insurance that helps you advertise for your missing pet


We will help you with the cost of advertising your lost pet in your local newspaper.

Pet insurance that covers advertising and reward

Reward costs

We will help you with a reward for the safe return of your pet so you can be reunited.

Dog kennel fee cover with your pet insurance

Boarding & kennel fee cover

If you become unwell and staying in hospital for 4+ days, we’ll pay towards the costs of your pet minder, kennels or cattery.

Call us to talk about your pet insurance needs

Pet helplines

You’ll get access to a number of pet helplines. Whether you need help with counselling or pet legal matters, we’re here to offer a helping paw.

*If you need to make a claim during your four week period of free WalkawayCover and need additional vet fee cover (up to £12,000), you have the option to purchase a LifetimeFlex or 365Flex policy. This must be arranged before your WalkawayCover expires or there will not be any additional cover available.

WalkawayCover – benefits

We know how important it is to support new pet owners. Bringing home a new puppy or kitten can leave you with so much to think about. We’ve made it easy. Simply pop into your local participating vet. and you’ll soon be on your way to getting your new pet covered for the next four weeks.

MiPet Cover Benefit
Free WalkawayCover
Product type
Lifetime - four weeks' cover
Vet's fees
Product type
Fixed excess (Per condition, per policy period)
Variable excess (Payable in addition to the fixed excess)
Death from illness
Up to £150
Death from accident
Up to £150
Up to £150
Up to £100
Boarding & kennel fees
Up to £250
Third party liability (dogs only)

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