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MiPet Cover and Healthy Pet Club - Doing the #BestForPets

Our pets are always here to offer us love, joy and companionship…

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MiPet Cover and The Healthy Pet Club work perfectly in partnership to ensure your furry friends have everything they need for their lifelong health and wellbeing.

Doing the #BestforPets MiPet Cover + The Healthy Pet Club

Find out the benefits to having pet insurance and preventative health care for your pet

Pet insurance
Preventative health care
Fleaing & worming
Annual vaccinations
Vet fee cover up to £12,000 for unexpected illness or injury
Six month health checks
Pet helplines
Multi pet discount (min insurance premiums apply)
Discounts on CVS vet care plus more benefits

MiPet Cover is here to protect your pet should they develop an unexpected illness or have an accident. With the average pet insurance claim standing at £848 in 2021 (ABI, 2022), it’s good to know they’re covered without you having to worry about the financial burden of a surprise veterinary bill. Your cover comes with a bundle of other great benefits too!

The Healthy Pet Club helps you with your pet’s routine care. Your membership offers a number of great savings and benefits on vaccinations, flea and worming, six-monthly health checks, discounts at your local CVS veterinary practice and much more.

For puppies & kittens
Boy with puppy and kitten

Four Weeks’ Free Puppy & Kitten Insurance

Bringing home a new puppy or kitten can be an exciting time for all the family

But sometimes an unexpected trip to the vet can come sooner than you’d think.

Why not start them off on the right paw with our free WalkawayCover for puppies and kittens? It’s the purrfect time to give them the pet insurance they deserve while they’re still finding their feet. With up to £500 in vet fee cover and a bundle of other benefits, you can relax knowing that they’re covered in the case of an accident or illness.

Because we only want the #BestForPets, you can even top up your vet fee cover should something happen, choosing from our LifetimeFlex or 365Flex pet insurance policies to continue your pet’s veterinary care.


Our cover for new puppies and kittens

WalkawayCover is our free pet insurance that has been designed with puppies and kittens in mind.

We know how important it is to support new pet owners during their new furry friend’s early months.

(Kitten or puppy must be between eight weeks to one year of age and is subject to a CVS health check. WalkawayCover covers illness and accidents instantly. Not all breeds of dogs are eligible.)

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WalkawayCover works well with The Healthy Pet
Club’s Puppy & Kitten Club

For Dogs & Cats
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Lifetime Pet Insurance for Dogs & Cats

With so many pet insurance policies to choose from, what type of cover is really best for your pet?

Whenever you speak to veterinary professionals, they would recommend that you choose lifetime cover for your four-legged friends.

This is why we created LifetimeFlex pet insurance… cover that suits both your pet’s needs and your budget.

LifetimeFlex offers you the flexibility to select the amount of vet fee cover you need, from £2,000 up to £12,000.

You’ll also enjoy a bundle of other policy benefits, giving your pet the cover they deserve.

Lifetime pet insurance to suit your pet’s needs and your budget

Lifetime pet insurance will cover your best friend throughout all of life’s adventures. With our LifetimeFlex policy, you can flex your amount of vet fee cover along with your fixed excess to get the cover your pet needs at a price that suits you.

Getting a quote for our LifetimeFlex lifetime pet insurance is quick and easy.

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LifetimeFlex works well with The Healthy Pet
Club’s Dog & Cat Club

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5% multi pet discount

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