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Pet insurance is important, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve listened to our customers and put their most important questions for you here. If you can’t find what you need, don’t worry. You can always get in contact with us. Our teams are fully trained to give honest, transparent and efficient service, no matter your situation.

Do you offer a multi pet discount?

Yes, we do.

If you are getting quotes for all you pets at the same time,  simply get a quote online and add additional pets using the ‘Add another pet’ button. Your 5% multi pet discount will be automatically applied to your quotes.

You can also add additional pets and get your multi pet discount by calling 0808 164 8000.

What type of cover do MiPet Cover Pet Insurance provide?

We offer two main types of cover: LifetimeFlex (lifetime) and 365Flex (annual/ time-limited).

Our 365Flex policy covers your pet for 12 months for up to £3,500 per condition. However, this is what we call a “time-limited” policy. That means if your pet suffers an illness or accident, you can claim for several treatments related to that incident for up to 12 months from when it originally occurred to a maximum of £3,500.

Our other kind of cover is LifetimeFlex, which is much more comprehensive. Depending what level of cover you go with, our lifetime policies give a fixed amount of money each year to cover all veterinary treatment. So, as long as you keep your policy renewed, there is no limit on how long you can claim for each illness or injury.

Is there anything you don’t cover?

Our policies do not cover pre-existing conditions, so anything that happened to your pet prior to taking out your insurance policy with MiPet Cover will not be covered.

We do not offer any policies to any pet that is under 8 weeks old, nor do we offer any policies if your pet is 15 years of age or over.

Our products also have limits and restrictions as to what is insured, so for a full breakdown of cover please read your policy documents.

How do you calculate my quote?

The details you enter are used by the underwriter to calculate your pet insurance premiums.

Examples of rating factors which may affect the price of your premium are the breed of your pet, the age of your pet and your postcode.

Will the cost of my insurance change each year?

Yes. At renewal your premiums are recalculated by the underwriter.

Are there any age limits?

Yes. We do not offer any policies to any pet that is under 8 weeks, nor do we offer any brand new policies if your pet is 15 years of age or over.

If your pet already has a Lifetime policy and turns 8 year for a dog or 10 years for a cat, you may continue with your Lifetime cover

As a new customer, if your dog is 8 years of age or over, or your cat is 10 years of age or over, they are only able to have our 365Flex policy.

Our WalkawayCover four weeks’ free policy is only available to kittens and puppies aged between 8 weeks and 1 year via a CVS veterinary practice.

What are the excesses I will have to pay, should I make a claim?

365Flex and LifetimeFlex policies have fixed excesses of £100-£200 per condition, per year, depending on what excess you chose when you bought your policy. You can view this on your policy schedule.

If you have opted to add the variable excess of 10%, this will be payable in addition to your fixed excess should you make a claim on your policy. If your dog is 6 years of age or over, or your cat is 8 years of age or over, then the 10% variable excess becomes compulsory. This additional 10% is on top of the fixed excess, once per condition, per year. This amount will be deducted from the claims settlement.

Example of how to calculate the amount you will have to pay in the event of a claim:

Amount claimed: £300
Less fixed excess of £100: £200
Less variable excess: (10% = £20.00): £180
Total excess paid by you: £120
Total excess paid by MiPet Cover: £180

Our WalkawayCover policy excess is £100 per condition. In addition, a 10% variable excess will apply in addition to the fixed excess for all eligible claims.

How do I claim?

Find more information on our make a claim page

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel the policy at any time. Once you have purchased a policy, you have 14 days from the commencement date within which you can cancel the policy and provided no claims have been made, you shall receive a refund of any premium you have paid less the administration charge.

If you wish to cancel your policy, please contact our Customer Services Team on 0808 164 8000. Upon receipt of your cancellation request we shall cancel your policy.

Can I change my cover?

At renewal you can change your level of cover. Terms and conditions do apply. Call our service team on 0808 164 8000 for more information.

How do I upgrade my WalkawayCover to a LifetimeFlex or 365Flex policy?

If you have a WalkawayCover policy, you can upgrade to a LifetimeFlex or 365Flex policy whenever you like in the 28 day period. Simply purchase your cover via your quote email or call 0808 164 8000.

If you need to make a claim during the four week period and require further veterinary fee cover, you have the choice to purchase a LifetimeFlex or 365Flex to do so. This must be arranged before your WalkawayCover expires or there will not be any additional cover available.

Please note that if you choose to upgrade to and commence a LifetimeFlex or 365Flex policy before your WalkawayCover expires, your WalkawayCover benefits will come to an end.

Can I pay by Direct Debit?

Yes, subject to meeting acceptability criteria. Terms and conditions apply.

When does my vet fee cover start?

365Flex and LifetimeFlex – For accidents it starts 24 hours after your policy start date. For illnesses it is 14 days after your policy start date.

These exclusions do not apply to renewed MiPet Cover policies, providing there was no break in cover.

Our WalkawayCover covers illnesses and accidents at the point you take out the policy.

What is a pre-existing condition?

Any illness, accident, or incident, that occurred to your pet prior to taking out the insurance policy with MiPet Cover, and, any accident, illness, or incident that occurred within any exclusion period.

Is my pet covered for pre-existing conditions?

No, pre-existing conditions are not covered when you take out a new policy with MiPet Cover.

Is my pet covered if we travel abroad?

Yes, provided you’re travelling to Eire or a member country of the PETS Travel Scheme and comply with the requirements of this scheme while you are abroad. You can find out further information about the PETS Travel Scheme by visiting the PETS Travel Scheme website run by DEFRA. Further details can be found in the policy documents.

What is lifetime cover?

(Also known as Lifelong, Cover for Life, Reinstatement, Re-populating or Renewable benefit policies)

‘Lifetime’ is a product term in the same way that ‘Comprehensive’ is for car insurance.  It does not mean that the policy will run for the rest of the pet’s life as the policy is an annual renewable contract and is subject to the insurance company offering renewal terms and you continuing to pay your premium.

Lifetime policies are considered to be the best in the pet insurance market. They provide you with a total ‘pot’ of money to claim from per insurance year.  If the ‘pot’ is used up before the end of the policy year, there will be no further cover in that policy year however, the ‘pot’ will be re-instated when you renew the policy for the 12 month period.

Other product types in the pet insurance market have time or benefit limitations (per conditions) or both.

The LifetimeFlex policy is classed as lifetime pet insurance, with vet fee cover levels of £2,000-£12,000.

Lifetime cover explained: New accidents and illnesses (conditions) are covered up to the specified financial limit in each policy term. If the limit is reached during the policy term, the cover stops until the policy is renewed. At the renewal date the limit is fully reinstated and the condition(s) will continue to be covered. This is subject to the insurer inviting the policy renewal and payment of premiums by the due date. No further cover will be provided beyond the cancellation or expiry date of the policy. Please be aware that you need to renew your policy each year for cover to remain in force. Like humans, our pets are more likely to be affected by illness as they get older. This means that every year your insurance premium will increase even if you haven’t made a claim. This increase will be significant if you have claimed. If your pet suffers an illness during the policy term you may find it difficult obtaining cover for these conditions from other providers.

What do I need to do if I want to complain?

At MiPet Cover, we are committed to providing you with an exceptional level of service and customer care. We realise, however, that things can go wrong and there may be occasions when you feel that we have not provided the service you expect. When this happens we want to hear about it so that we can try to put things right.

Although it can help to make complaints in writing we are happy to receive complaints communications in in whatever form or medium is appropriate for your circumstances.

If a dispute regarding your policy or claim does arise, the first step is to talk to a member of the Customer Service Team. This can be done either by calling us, emailing or writing to us using the details below.

Telephone: 0808 164 8001

Email: complaints@insurancefactory.co.uk

Address: MiPet Cover Pet Insurance, The Connect Centre, Kingston Crescent, Portsmouth PO2 8DE

You can find our full complaints procedure in our pet insurance policy.

Why is a new quote sometimes cheaper than my renewal quote with you when it’s the same pet?

From 1 January 2022 a new ruling has been introduced that prevents home and motor insurance companies offering a higher price at renewal than they would offer for new business using the same risk details.

This ruling does not apply to pet insurance and this is because of the difference in cover provided at new business compared to renewal.

New policies generally contain a waiting period before your cover actually starts and often exclude anything your pet has shown symptoms of, or has been treated for, prior to your policy starting. As renewals do not have these terms, the higher premium reflects the higher risk being carried by the insurer compared to a brand-new customer.

MiPet Cover offers a range of policies you can switch between so if you are looking to reduce your premium, but keep existing conditions covered, contact us now to see your personalised options and specific terms that would apply.

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