Multi pet insurance

5% discount

Multi pet insurance discounts

We all know that more furry friends = more fun! Why not cover them for all their adventures with our multi pet insurance discounts?

Simply get a multi pet quote online and add all your pets in one go. You’ll get a price for each pet and you can choose the level of cover for each of them so it suits you…and your pocket. Not only will you have peace of mind, you’ll also enjoy a 5% discount for each feline friend and canine chum you insure with us.

Minimum premiums apply (including Insurance Premium Tax) of £111.97 for dogs and £71.46 for cats.

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Add as many pets as you like.

You’ll enjoy a 5% multi pet discount for each pet.

Your pets will all have their own premium and level of cover.

Have an existing policy and want to add another pet?

It’s tail-waggingly simple! Please call our friendly team on 0808 164 8000 to get a quote and receive a 5% discount for each new pet added.

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Lifetime pet insurance to suit your pet’s needs and your budget

Our most comprehensive cover

This is our lifetime package of protection. It provides your pet with lifelong cover for ongoing illnesses and injuries. In addition to the bundle of benefits on offer, you can  flex your vet fee cover between £2,000 and £12,000. A lifetime policy to suit your needs and your budget.

Our LifetimeFlex cover includes:

  • a choice of veterinary fee cover between £2,000 to £12,000, reinstated each year
  • Complementary treatment as recommended by your vet
  • Additional benefits including third party liability cover (dogs only), advertising & reward, holiday cancellation, boarding and kennel fees cover, emergency treatment abroad, and many more

Perfect for pet owners looking for comprehensive lifetime cover.

365Flex: Pet insurance that offers cover for 12 months

Our 12-month policy

Our 365Flex policy provides 12 months’ cover for the cost of treatment for accidents and illnesses. As our most economically priced policy, it’s a great place to start if you’re looking to keep the cost down in the short term.

Our 365Flex cover includes:

  • Veterinary fee cover of £2,500 or £5,000 per condition, for 12 months
  • Complementary treatment recommended by your vet
  • Additional benefits including £1 million of third party liability cover (dogs only), advertising & reward, holiday cancellation, boarding and kennel fees cover, emergency treatment abroad and many more

For a more comprehensive policy that covers ongoing conditions, such as arthritis or diabetes, please see our LifetimeFlex policies.

Perfect for pet owners who want reassurance or help with the unexpected treatment for their pet.

WalkawayCover: Four weeks’ free pet insurance, especially for puppies and kittens

Our free cover for new puppies and kittens

Our WalkawayCover offers you peace of mind that your new puppy or kitten is covered in their early days. Getting started is easy. If your cat or dog is between eight weeks and one year old, book an appointment at your local CVS veterinary practice for a health check.

If your pet is eligible*, cover begins straight away and you’ll have four weeks of free access to our WalkawayCover policy benefits:

  • Veterinary fee cover of £500 which can be ‘topped up**’
  • Pet helplines available round the clock to support you with counselling and offer you advice on pet legal matters
  • Additional benefits including £1 million of third party liability cover (dogs only), advertising & reward, boarding and kennel fees cover, emergency treatment abroad and access to pet helplines

Perfect for new puppy and kitten owners looking for peace of mind in the early days.

*Free WalkawayCover is subject to a CVS veterinary health check. WalkawayCover covers accidents and illnesses instantly. Not all breeds of dog are eligible. **If you need to make a claim during the four week free period and require further veterinary fee cover, you have the choice to purchase a LifetimeFlex or 365Flex to do so. This must be arranged before your WalkawayCover policy expires or there will not be any additional cover available.

View 365Flex and LifetimeFlex365Flex & LifetimeFlex View WalkawayCoverWalkawayCover

Get your multi pet insurance discounts today

We only want the best for our customers and their pets. Using our simple system, you can get a multi pet insurance quote instantly. All we need from you are a few details about you and your pet, and your multi pet cover can start as soon you like.

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