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Why does my Cat Catch Mice and Birds?

Does your cat have a tendency to bring mice and birds into the home? This can be mind-boggling for pet owners to understand, especially if your cat is well fed and has no need to go elsewhere for food. It can also be unpleasant and sometimes disturbing, and you may well want to know if […]

Weird and Wonderful Puppy & Kitten Names

Every January, we pounce into the New Year by publishing the top ten most popular cat names and dog names from the previous year. Of course, we think it’s time to scamper over to the other end of the spectrum and pick out the more unique, weird and wonderful puppy and kitten names that have […]

Let’s get #morepetsinsured

MiPet Cover is on a mission. We want to see more of the UK’s pets insured. As a nation of animal lovers, it’s sad to see that only 25% of dogs and 13% of cats have pet insurance cover in place in the case of unexpected injury or illness (Source: ABI, 2020). With average claims […]

Teaching your Kitten how to use the Litter Tray

Find out the easiest way to teach your kitten how to use her litter tray by watching our top five tips in this short (and very cute!) video.  Our step-by-step guide to litter tray training Offer your kitten or cat a clean litter tray away from her food and water. Keep the litter tray […]

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