The Top Puppy & Kitten Names of 2022

It’s time to find out the most purr-ferred and pup-ular pet names of 2022!

We’ve pawed through last year’s data and can exclusively reveal the top ten puppy and kitten names from 2022.

Check out this short video for the big reveal…

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Did you welcome a new canine companion or feline friend in the last 12 months? Is their name in the list of fur-nalists?

The Top Ten Pup-ular Puppy Names of 2022

1) Luna; 2) Teddy; 3) Bella; 4) Milo; 5) Buddy; 6) Coco; 7) Daisy; 8) Lola; 9) Willow; 10) Bailey

Luna makes a strong return for 2022, having grabbed the top spot in 2021’s list.

The Top Ten Purr-ferred Kitten Names of 2022

1) Luna; 2) Milo; 3) Loki; 4) Nala; 5) Simba; 6) Willow; 7) Bella; 8) Coco; 9) Daisy; 10) Oreo

As with their canine counterparts, Luna reigns supreme in the kitten charts too. The Lion King continues to roar in popularity, with Nala and Simba trending in the top spots for yet another year.

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