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Snack-cidents: when pets eat things they really shouldn’t

Any pet parent knows what our cats and dogs are like when it comes to seeking out additional treats. But sometimes, these ingested naughty nibbles can lead to thousands of pounds of emergency vet treatment and pet insurance claims. Although the occasional payment of the Cheese Tax is fine for when our puppies come looking, […]

Cat Carrier vs Cat – Top Tips for Travel Success!

Get set for success with RVN Heather Grace’s top tips for coaxing your kitty into the cat carrier. What can I do to help my cat like the carrier? Try to make it part of the furniture! The carrier should not be stored in the garage but be something that the cat sees daily. When […]

Parasite Control in Pets: Should I Flea and Worm my Pet?

Flea and worming your pets can be overwhelming with so many options, but regular parasite control is important for the health of both your pet and your family. Due to the combination of ingredients in different products, most canine parasite protocols protect against ticks or lungworm, but not both. It is advisable to decide a […]

What Vaccinations should my Cat have?

We know that taking our cats for their vaccinations is important, but what diseases are we protecting them against? Pet preventative health care schemes, like The Healthy Pet Club, offer benefits that include your cat’s vaccinations and health checks. These schemes can be a great way to spread the cost and save money at the same […]

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