Yappy Christmas everyone! How to keep your pets in good spirits…

Christmas is often the perfect time for a catch up with friends and family but the change in routine combined with unfamiliar faces can be unsettling for some pets. Here are some handy tips on how to keep your pets calm and happy if you’re expecting guests and visitors. Keep as much as you can […]

How to make vet visits a calmer experience for your pet

A visit to the vets is not, generally, a pet’s favourite day trip. Sometimes pets dislike visiting the vet because of a negative past experience and others simply dislike the fact that a stranger is going to be inspecting them. Unfortunately, as much as your pet may dislike these visits, and whatever the reason for […]

Cat anxiety – Tips on giving your cat confidence

Cat anxiety can be difficult as it is often confused with unfriendliness and aggression, meaning it’s dealt with in the wrong way. Hiding, hissing and scratching may actually be signs that your cat is trying to protect itself out of fear, rather than pushing you away out of spite. Not only will increasing your cat’s […]

Helping your pet cope with a thunderstorm

If your pet is upset by the loud noises such as a thunderstorm, don’t worry, there’s plenty you can do to help ensure your cat or dog stays relaxed. It’s important that you’re well prepared so make sure you start planning ahead of weather forecasts of thunder. Ask your vet or qualified animal behaviourist for […]

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