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Grooming tips for dogs

We all know that lustrous locks need care and attention. A well-groomed dog not only looks presentable, it also helps to keep them healthy. However, it can be difficult to know where to start and what type of grooming to prioritise, so has put together some tips for grooming your furry friend! How often […]

Cat grooming tips: How to turn a clawsome experience into a purrfect one

Whether your feline friend is a longhair or a shorthair breed, he or she will benefit from a regular cat grooming routine. Unsurprisingly, longhair breeds need more substantial grooming to maintain a sleek appearance and to prevent their coat from matting, which could otherwise prove uncomfortable for your cat. While shorthair cats require less maintenance […]

Cats and furballs…a cause for concern?

Seeing your cat attempting to hack up a hairball can be a distressing experience for most pet owners and if it is the first time that it has happened, you may wonder whether it is ‘normal’ behaviour or a cause for concern. Hairballs will affect most cats at least once in their life and can […]

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