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When can I start taking my puppy out for walks?

As the owner of a new puppy, you may be unsure as to when you can walk your new puppy before they have been fully socialised and vaccinated by your vet. Here’s our guide to knowing when to get your puppy vaccinated so that they can be safely taken on walks. Why puppy vaccinations are […]

Dark walkies: Keeping you and your dog safe

With darker nights already upon us, many dog owners will have little choice but to take their dogs on evening ‘walkies’ due to shorter daylight hours. If you’re going to be one of them, it’s important to take steps to keep both yourself and your dog as safe as possible. This can potentially be a […]

Doggy Fitness: Tips on keeping your canine chum fit and happy

Doggy fitness and activity is an important part of your pooch’s daily routine. Regular exercise and activity will help keep them mentally stimulated, make your dog feel happier and maintain their weight. It’s important to make sure your dog has at least one walk a day so they don’t become frustrated. Puppies require different levels of […]

Adder bites: What to do if your dog has been bitten

Depending on where you’re walking your dog, your pet could potentially disturb an adder. Most dogs are keen to nose around in undergrowth on walks, which can bring them into contact with adders and this can sometimes result in adder bites. As the only venomous snakes in the UK, adders can be dangerous, but in […]

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