Four Stylish and Practical Accessories for Dark Dog Walks

Now we’re at that time of year where the sun sets earlier, we may not have the option to take our dogs out on their daily walks during the hours of daylight.

With this in mind, it’s important to ensure both you and your pup’s safety are a priority by being visible while you venture outdoors.

There are a number of dog-friendly, wearable products available that are both practical and stylish while you strut the streets in the dark.

Bee safe and be seen during dog walks

1. Animate Walking Mate LED flashing loop

This Animate LED flashing loop helps keep your dog safe during the winter months. It’s available in five colours (orange, green, blue, yellow and red), so you can pick your favourite hue. No matter the size of your pooch, one size fits all, offering a comfortable fit for your dog. Prices starting from £8.67.

2. Orbiloc dog dual safety light

Be seen and be safe! The Orbiloc Dog Dual Safety Light is a high quality, durable LED safety light which helps make sure that both you and your dog are visible to others when out walking in the dark, reducing the risk of being involved in an accident or dangerous situation. Prices starting from £18.88.

3. Petlife hi-vis dog jacket

This lightweight hi-visibility thermal dog coat from Petlife is pawfect for keeping your dog safe and warm during long, cold, dark nights and mornings. Available in yellow and with sizing options from 25cm-75cm, you can find the best fit for your canine chum. Prices starting from £13.38.

4. Animate Walking Mate soft nylon LED dog harness

This top quality LED harness from Animate is easy to fit, comfortable for your dog to wear and designed to help keep them safe during the winter. Available in pink, yellow or orange, offering a range of sizes to suit your dog. Prices starting from £14.75.

For more hints and tips on staying safe during the darker evenings and mornings, please read our blog post on Dark Walkies.

As always, it’s a wise choice to put dog insurance in place in case of the unexpected.

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