Two’s company…Why it’s great to have more than one dog

Have you been thinking about adding a second dog into your life but you’re not quite sure whether it’d be a good idea?

This is something a lot of dog owners think about at some point, especially if their dog is lonely or anxious when they’re left home alone.

There are lots of plus points for having more than one dog but there are also a few things to consider that may influence your overall decision.

Two puppies together

They can be great company for each other

One of the big plus points for having more than one dog is the company that they can provide one another, especially in your absence. If they get on well, this can reduce the potential for separation anxiety when they’re at home without you, for example.

This is a big advantage if your dogs do take a shine to each other from the very beginning, but it’s not a given unfortunately!

There’s also the added companionship for you as you have two dogs to bond with and spend time with. If one of your best friends doesn’t want to snuggle or play, the other probably will!

They’ll encourage each other to be active

Having two pooches means that they’ll often encourage each other to be more active as they’ll have each other to play with.

Dogs love to run around and explore and this is always more fun with someone else! You’ll probably find that any off leash walks tire them out much more than if you were walking one dog. This can also be true of dog walks in general.

Training can be easier

Training a second dog can be easier as there’s a good chance that they’ll copy a lot of the traits and behaviours that your first dog demonstrates. Assuming that they’re well trained in the first place, it can make it less of a challenge to encourage the new arrival to behave in the same way.

And on a related note, it’s a good idea to resolve any behavioural issues that your dog has before you introduce any more canine chums to the household as they can pick up on and copy these too!

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