Jack Russell Terriers: The playful and agile small dog

The Jack Russell Terrier, commonly known as a ‘Jack’ or ‘JRT’, is a playful and agile breed of dog that’s probably the most popular family pet in the UK. If you’re thinking about welcoming a JRT into your life, it’s wise to spend some time researching reputable breeders before you make a lifetime commitment. Rehoming centres such as The Dogs Trust are always a great place to look for your new best friend.

Jack Russell Terriers require plenty of mental stimulation and exercise. Their energy is boundless and they’re often known to chase pretty much anything that moves! JRTs need at least sixty minutes of good quality exercise per day and allowing them to run around off the lead will certainly help them to let off some steam. At home, they’ll need a secure space to bound around to burn off any more excess energy – they’re just so full of it!

Jack Russell Terrier and a man admire the view from the mountain top

This breed is better suited to families with older children as Jack Russells can sometimes be snappy. That said, they are easy to train and are highly adaptable little dogs, so early discipline training and socialisation is key. Children should ideally be taught how to behave around the family pet as JRTs will not tolerate some things, even if it was an accident.

Personality-wise, Jack Russell Terriers are playful – games could last hours if they have it their way! These small dogs are very loyal and will often form special bonds with the person that gives them the most attention through play, treats and feeding time. They prefer to be around people, so this breed tends to need constant companionship. Separation anxiety in JRTs often results in destructive behaviour and excessive barking.

The JRT’s appearance can either be a rough or smooth coat which will require brushing around twice per week. Shedding is at its peak in Spring and Autumn, so more regular brushing is required around these times of year. Their average weight is around 6-8kg.

Jack Russell Terriers often live between 13-16 years. The number of health problems are pretty low thanks to a large gene pool for this breed. Common ailments reported are: Deafness; Late Onset Ataxia; Ectopia Lentis; Canine Spinocerebellar Ataxia (SCA) Posterior luxation; Anterior luxation; Patellar luxation; Arthritis; Avascular Necrosis of the Femoral Head; Cataracts.

Pet insurance for your Jack Russell

As with any pedigree or cross-breed, it’s always a good idea to have a dog insurance policy in place to help with unexpected vet fees. If you’re introducing a Jack Russell Terrier puppy to your home, why not take a look at our four weeks’ free WalkawayCover* created especially for new pups aged 8 weeks to one year?

*Puppy must be between 8 weeks and 1 year old and is subject to a CVS health check. WalkawayCover covers illness and accidents instantly. Not all breeds of dog are eligible.

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