How can you tell if your pet has an eye problem?

Changes in your pet’s eyes are usually quite easy to spot if you’re concerned they might have any eye problems:

  • The eyes are red/inflamed, sticky, weeping or closed
  • Your pet’s rubbing at their face a lot

If you see sore eyes or your pet is agitated around their eyes, it’s best to seek veterinary advice as soon as possible.

eye problems in pets - a ginger cat and a brown labrador together on a rug.

How can you treat eye problems?

Any injuries or soreness to the eyes really should be checked out by your vet as soon as possible.

Again, if you have a specific breed that suffers from dry eyes or you’re advised of this by your vet, there are regular, generally available eye drops or gels you can use to help your pet, but ask your vet first as to what might be suitable for your pet.

Breeds, including Basset Hounds, Pugs, Westies, Bulldogs and Lhasa Apsos may be susceptible to dry eye.

Tear staining

Tear staining is also something you may see, particularly if you have a white cat or dog, and whilst harmless and not an actual problem, some owners would prefer not to see the staining on the fur from a cosmetic point of view. Products like Ocryl Tear Stain Remover & Eye Cleansing Solution can help with the appearance of tear stains on your pet.

How to clean your pet’s eyes

 If you do need to clean your pet’s eyes, here are some tips to help you to pamper those peepers:

  • Use a soft damp cloth or sponge and make sure the water is at room-temperature. Avoid paper towels, napkins and cotton buds as they can increase irritation.
  • If your pet is sensitive, maybe try a soft cotton ball soaked in clean, warm water.
  • Approach your pet slowly and gently wipe around the eyes to remove any dirt or mucus. Never wipe the eye itself.
  • Avoid shampoos, soaps, eye washes and drops unless they have specifically been prescribed by your vet.

If you need advice, it’s always best to speak with your vet in the first instance.

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