Feline Focus: The Siamese – Alert and Inquisitive Cats

One of the most recognisable cats about, the Siamese is renowned for its bright blue eyes, slender frame and contrasting colourpoint patterns. However, there is much more to this distinctive cat than its appearance.

Friendly, alert and inquisitive, the Siamese makes a wonderful companion. They thrive when around people and form strong attachments to the people in their family. Despite their confident personality, they can be sensitive and often pick up on any tension or stress within the household.

Siamese cat on a yellow sofa with a girl

Some individuals are highly vocal and spend their day ‘conversing’ with their owners. While excess vocalisation can be a sign of a medical issue, if your cat has always been a big talker, it’s likely just their nature.

Owners should be aware that the Siamese is a very active cat, who doesn’t like to sit about doing nothing. They appreciate being kept entertained and owners have to put in some effort when it comes to preventing boredom. Those who aren’t provided with enough mental stimulation can develop behavioural disorders.

Health Conditions in Siamese Cats

These cats are usually very long-lived, with many making it into their late teens. The potential health issues we can see in the Siamese breed include:

Asthma. Signs of asthma can include fast and laboured breathing as well as episodic ‘attacks’ when cats struggle to get enough oxygen and audibly wheeze. Asthma is, frustratingly, not easy to diagnosis. We need to run a number of diagnostic tests to confirm the condition. This can include a blood test, chest x-ray, heart scan and/or a bronchoalveolar lavage. Treatment usually consists of medication including oral or inhaled steroids and bronchodilators. We also need to avoid any potential triggers, such as smoke or perfumes. As cats are usually asthmatic for life, the ongoing treatment can cost thousands of pounds. 

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). Those cats with PRA tend to struggle to see in the dark at first. Over time, the vision impairment is present in both bright and dim light. As their blindness develops gradually, many cats learn to cope well. However, they cannot be let outside as it is not safe. Sadly, there is no treatment for PRA. It is advised that predisposed breeds are screened before reproducing. 

Gingivitis and Stomatitis. Bright red and inflamed gums can cause a range of signs including a loss of appetite, drooling and food refusal. Certain breeds, including the Siamese, can be predisposed. We can help prevent gum inflammation by feeding a prescription dental food, brushing teeth daily and getting regular veterinary dental cleanings. 

Mediastinal Lymphoma. Cancer within the chest can lead to fluid build-up and symptoms such as fast breathing and lethargy. We see this condition in younger Siamese cats, especially those with FeLV. Chemotherapy can prolong life but may not be affordable to all. 

Amyloidosis. While amyloidosis is a rare disease in cats, it is seen more commonly in the Siamese. It is a genetic condition that leads to chronic inflammation and amyloid deposition within the liver, which causes liver failure. Owners may notice jaundice (yellow gums and eyes), vomiting and weight loss. Those affected are generally under five years of age.

Is the Siamese the Cat for you?

Siamese cats are a beautiful Thai breed that have made a name for themselves internationally. Their elegant physique ensures they are both athletic and agile. They thoroughly enjoy human companionship and many will initiate little ‘chats’ with their owners.

Looking for Siamese Cat Insurance?

Cats are full of surprises.

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