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Top 10 Flea Treatment Tips

Whether you’re the proud owner of a cat or a dog, it’s important that you do your best to keep your pet flea-free. Not only can fleas be irritating for your pet, the itchiness and irritation that they cause can also lead to other skin problems and infections. Treating your pet for fleas doesn’t need […]

How to effectively treat your pet against fleas

It’s all down to understanding where fleas live, how fleas breed and how to effectively treat your pet (and your home) against fleas. Our blog explains the most effective flea treatment to help keep fleas at bay. Read our vet’s top tips on how we can keep these pesky critters at bay. Treatment for adult […]

Does my pet have fleas?

Fleas aren’t the nicest of things that pet owners have to deal with, but they are something we need to deal with all the same. The earlier you can tell if your cat or dog has fleas the easier they are to get rid of. We’ve spoken to our vets and put together a guide on how to spot […]

Flea control in dogs and puppies

Do you know that just 5% of fleas live as adults on pets? The other 95% of flea population lives in the home. Adult fleas lay their eggs on the dog within a few days of their first blood meal. These eggs are non-sticky and will drop off onto surrounding carpets and bedding waiting to […]

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