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The top 10 dog names of 2019 are revealed…

Perhaps you welcomed a new canine companion during 2019 and you’re curious to find out if their name features in our top 10 dog names list? Or maybe you’re planning on saying “hello” a new pup this New Year and you’re desperate for some puppy name inspiration? Either way, you might want to cast your […]

When can I start taking my puppy out for walks?

As the owner of a new puppy, you may be unsure as to when you can walk your new puppy before they have been fully socialised and vaccinated by your vet. Here’s our guide to knowing when to get your puppy vaccinated so that they can be safely taken on walks. Why puppy vaccinations are […]

Border Collies: The Most Intelligent Breed of Dog

Border Collies, commonly known as ‘Collies’ or Scottish Sheepdogs, are the most intelligent breed of dog on this planet. They are suited to active couples and families due to their high energy and need for mental stimulation. If you’re thinking about welcoming a Border Collie into your life, it’s wise to spend some time researching […]

Yorkshire Terriers: The Smart Little Dog

Yorkshire Terriers, commonly known as ‘Yorkies’ are affectionate and smart dogs that are also well known for being wonderful canine companions. This breed is very popular in the UK, so spend time researching reputable breeders before you make a commitment. Rehoming centres such as The Dogs Trust may also be a good place to look […]

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