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Finding a puppy training class

Are you a first time puppy owner and looking for new puppy advice? Young puppies and their boisterous play is great fun, but very quickly you’ll want to set down a few ground rules and manage their behaviour a little to fit in with what you find acceptable. Finding a local puppy training class can […]

Teaching your puppy to sit

Teaching your puppy to sit is one of the most important things that you’ll do. It is also one of the least complicated aspects of obedience training, so your pup should pick it up fairly quickly with repeated training. Many new owners are unsure of where best to start so we’ve put together some tips […]

Nutritional advice for dogs and puppies

It is very difficult to choose the right diet for your puppy or dog when there is such a huge variety of foods on the market. You have to remember that the needs of your dog will change throughout its life and different species and breeds may require different diets. On collecting your new puppy, you will usually be informed of the diet the animal has received.

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