What Vaccinations should my Dog have?

We know that taking our dogs for their vaccinations is important, but what diseases are we protecting them against?

Pet preventative health care schemes, like The Healthy Pet Club, offer benefits that include your dog’s vaccinations and health checks, so can be a great way to spread the cost and save money at the same time.

What Vaccinations should my Dog have? - A happy Corgi dog

Essential Vaccines for Dogs

Parvovirus Parvo causes anorexia, vomiting and profuse haemorrhagic (bloody) diarrhoea. This rapidly results in dehydration and anaemia. There is no specific treatment for parvovirus and a large number of dogs don’t survive, even with intensive care. The virus is extremely infectious and can survive in the environment for a long time.

Hepatitis (adenovirus) – Infectious hepatitis causes fever, liver failure and clotting disorders. It is thankfully very rare now due to widespread canine vaccination.

Distemper – Distemper virus can affect almost every body system causing signs from runny eyes and coughing to diarrhoea and neurological abnormalities. Although it was almost eradicated by vaccination, cases of distemper have increased in the UK in recent years.

Leptospirosis – Leptospirosis causes a variety of signs including liver and kidney failure. It is thought that cases are more common than we realise as lepto is difficult to diagnose and can mimic many other  conditions. Leptospirosis can be fatal.

Recommended Vaccines for Dogs

Kennel Cough – Kennel cough syndrome is caused by several different viruses. Although very infectious it isn’t dangerous, but can make young or old dogs quite poorly. Kennel cough is spread by direct contact so although it is common in kennels it can also be spread between dogs when they meet on walks. Kennel cough is a live vaccine so can cause mild symptoms for a few days after administration, and shouldn’t be given if anyone at home is immunocompromised.

Parvo-C – Because parvovirus is so prevalent, and  serious, a 3rd dose can be given at 16 weeks of age to help bolster immunity

Rabies – Rabies is not present in the UK, but vaccination is a requirement for any dogs travelling abroad.

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