Five gifts that are purrfect for your cat this Christmas

The festive season can bring fun and frolics, but choosing the purrfect cat Christmas gifts for your feline friend can become a bit of a head scratcher. Make sure Santa Claws brings them what they dream of with our guide to the best presents you can give your cat this Christmas.

Cat lying on a background of colored lights, bokeh. Cat peeking out from behind the checkered plaid.

  • A GPS collar – Did you ever watch The Secret Life of Cats? Now you can keep track of Kitty with some wearable pet tech using your smart phone, which is also handy should they stray for longer than you’re used to. If you have a clever cat, some collar devices will emit a beep, telling your cat it’s time to come home.
  • A pet-cam – Ever wondered what your cat gets up to while you’re at work or doing your weekly grocery shopping? A pet cam will ensure you can keep a beady eye on them with some models offering two way sound so you can send encouraging messages or an instruction for them to not bring home any more tasty gifts!
  • An interactive laser toy – Keep your cat entertained for hours while you snooze off your Christmas day indulgence. Toys such as the PetSafe FroliCat Laser Light toy will satisfy her need to play while you relax watching the Christmas day TV specials.
  • A membership to The Healthy Pet Club – This scheme can help you keep your feline friend’s health in purrfect condition while you enjoy savings of around £200 per year*. The membership includes all your cat’s essential annual vaccinations, flea and worm treatment, six-monthly health checks, plus access to a wide range of benefits including a 10% discount on everything in practice including cat toys and food. Find your nearest veterinary practice offering The Healthy Pet Club.

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