The Top Five Cat Dental Health Products for Purrfect Gums and Teeth

As humans, we know what we need to do to keep on top of our oral health. Daily brushing, flossing, mouth wash and regular trips to the dentist ensure our teeth stay in tip top condition. But what about our cats? Which everyday pet products could assist us cat owners to keep on top of our feline friend’s dental health?

A cat lies in the grass - cat dental health products

We’ve teamed up with Animed Direct to bring you their top five product recommendations to keep your feline friend feeling pampered.

1. Hill’s Science Plan Oral Care dry food 

Hill’s Science Plan Oral Care dry food

Hill’s Science Plan Adult Oral Care Dry Cat Food with Chicken is clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar. With antioxidants and advanced oral care technology. It’s even suitable for the everyday feeding of your furry friend.

2. Logic Oral Hygiene Gel and Sachets 

logic oral hygiene gel for cat dental health

Avoid being clawed with Logic Oral Hygiene Gel, a gel that’s great for cats that don’t like having their teeth brushed. The tasty gel is very palatable and can be applied directly to your cat’s mouth if they are willing enough. Alternatively, apply onto their paw and they can lick it off.

3. Vet IQ healthy bites dental treats 

VetIQ Healthy Bites Breath & Dental Treats for cats and kittens are delicious duck-flavoured dual action treats which help prevent the formation of plaque, reduce tartar build-up and help keep your cat’s teeth and gums healthy. Your cat gets a tasty treat whilst caring for their gums and teeth – it’s a pawfect win-win situation, we think!

4. Aquadent 


Vet Aquadent is an Anti Plaque Solution containing xylitol which limits the formation of dental plaque and tartar. Simply add it to your cat’s drinking water to help fresher their breath as they drink. Banish cat bad breath for good!

5. Royal Canin oral care dry food 


This Royal Canin oral care dry cat food has been specifically designed to reduce tartar formation in cats aged 1-7 years. For a targeted action, the kibble size, texture and shape encourages your cat to chew thoroughly. This mechanical action produces a brushing effect that helps reduce the formation of dental plaque on your cat’s teeth.

You can check out our tips if you would like to have a go at cleaning your cat’s teeth.

If you are unsure on how best to manage your cat’s dental health, always consult your vet in the first instance.

Cat insurance and dental cover

Did you know that our LifetimeFlex and 365Flex pet insurance policies cover dental treatment as a result of an accident or illness? (so long as your pet is up to date with their yearly dental check-ups and where any work recommended is carried out at your own expense).

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