The Top Five Dog Dental Health Products for Perfect Pearly Whites

As humans, we know what we need to do to keep on top of our oral health. Daily brushing, flossing, mouth wash and regular trips to the dentist ensures our teeth are kept in tip top condition. But what about our dogs? What products help us pet owners keep on top of our best friend’s dental health?

Dog dental health - a border collie

We’ve teamed up with Animed Direct to bring you their top five product recommendations to keep your pal feeling pampered.

1. Virbac enzymatic toothpaste kit (£5.55)

Virbac enzymatic toothpaste - Dog dental health

This kit contains enzymatic toothpaste which is mildly abrasive and contains the CET Dual Enzyme System designed to inhibit plaque forming bacteria. It does not need to be rinsed away after application and is safe to swallow. Mouth odours are quickly neutralised and your pawsome pal will certainly look forward to teeth brushing time with this poultry-flavoured treat!

2. Logic Orozyme Dental Chews (from £7.08)

Logic Orozyme Dental Chews for dogs - dog dental health

Logic Orozyme Dental Chews for dogs are palatable beef and pork rawhide chews. They are made from collagen, a substance which naturally enhances the mechanical action of chewing on teeth and gums and assists in the removal of plaque. And what dog does not love chewy time?!

3. Kong Dental with floss rope (from £9.29)

Kong Dental with floss rope - dog dental health

The Kong Dental with floss rope has chew-clean grooves to effectively clean teeth and gums as your dog chews. Dog toothpaste can be used inside the grooves if desired. The hollow centre is threaded with a premium quality floss rope for additional dog play, but always remember to supervise your dog during play time as no toy is indestructible! This floss rope is the ultimate toy that combines fun whilst cleaning teeth and gums.

4. Dentagen Aqua (£12.92 for 250ml)

Dentagen Aqua - dog dental care

Dentagen Aqua is a palatable water additive which contains RF2 for maintaining healthy teeth and gums and helps keep your dog’s breath fresh by preventing the build up of plaque. Simply add to your dog’s drinking water to provide 24 hour protection against plaque. No more doggy bad breath!

5. Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Dental dry food (from £37.52)

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Dental Dry Food for dog dental health

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Dental Dry is for the nutritional management of daily oral hygiene in dogs over 10kg. It also limits the development of dental plaque and tartar and will help to fight bad breath. These dental kibbles have a mild abrasive effect on dental plaque and tartar when chewed.

If you are unsure on how best to manage your dog’s dental health, always consult your vet in the first instance.

Did you know that our LifetimeFlex and 365Flex pet insurance policies cover dental treatment as a result of an accident or illness? (so long as your pet is up to date with their yearly dental check-ups and where any work recommended is carried out at your own expense).

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