Cat’s Entertainment! Purrfect Lockdown 2.0 Cat Toys

Now many of us are facing lockdown again, we’re spending more time at home. This could result in your feline friend craving a little more attention from you.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of top cat toys in collaboration with Animed Direct, featuring some of our favourite picks you can get your paws on right now.

Purrfect cat toys for lockdown 2

1. Kong Holiday Laser Teaser Lights cat toy

This Laser Teaser Lights cat toy is an interactive laser that’s a proven winner with cats! The enticing motion of the colourful teaser lures cats in, while the unpredictable laser movement encourages active play and long-lasting fun. We love the seasonal design of this cat toy, so why not capture one for your cat today?

2. Cupid & Comet Winter Warmer cat toy

The Cupid & Comet Winter Warmer cat toy includes three lightweight and perfectly sized festive crinkle toys. Each toy is infused with catnip for extra fun.

3. Happy Pet Festive Shaking Penguin cat toy

Designed to provide hours of interactive entertainment for your cat with sensory movement and sounds to encourage active play, the Happy Pet Winter Wonderland Shaking Penguin is full of festive fun, great for cats of all sizes, ages and breeds and the purrfect addition to your cat’s toy collection.

4. Kong Cat PlaySpaces Burrow

The Kong Cat PlaySpaces Burrow offers pounce and play options for feisty felines or an enclosed hideout for kitties that prefer comfort time. The crinkle tunnel and peek-a-boo windows ignite hide-and-seek excitement while the hunt and find catnip packed beaver and butterfly attachments fulfill natural hunting instincts.

For more hints and tips on keeping your cat entertained and active, please read our blog post on Feline Fitness: Exercise Tips for Cats.

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More pets = more fun!

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