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Feline Focus: The Norwegian Forest Cat – An Athletic and Sociable Feline

These athletic cats have thick frames and muscular bodies, meaning they are real athletes and are excellent at climbing trees. They are a heavy breed with dense bones and regularly tip the scales at over 7kg. Their ears are placed high and have thick fur tufts, resembling those of the lynx. Built for cold and […]

Feline Focus: The Birman Cat – ‘The Sacred Cat of Burma’

The bright blue eyes and silky coat of the Birman have made them a favourite of many cat fanciers. They are known for their impressive size; with most breed members weighing in at a whopping 5.5 kilos or more. Despite this, they are nimble and agile and they love to climb and run. Also known […]

Feline Focus: The Siamese – Alert and Inquisitive Cats

One of the most recognisable cats about, the Siamese is renowned for its bright blue eyes, slender frame and contrasting colourpoint patterns. However, there is much more to this distinctive cat than its appearance. Friendly, alert and inquisitive, the Siamese makes a wonderful companion. They thrive when around people and form strong attachments to the […]

Feline Focus: The Bengal Cat – Energetic and Chatty

With heaps of energy and a desire to ‘chat’ to their owners, many find that Bengals are little attention seekers who love to be in the limelight. A fiery, confident and intelligent cat, there’s no denying that the Bengal can be hard work. However, most owners would agree, it is all worth it in the […]

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