10 Products to Keep Your Dog Cool

We love sunny summer days and spending time outside with family and friends.

But if you’re covered in fur, the hot temperatures can mean your pooch is not so ‘cool canine’, but more ‘hot dog’.

Keeping your dog cool - Dog insurance from MiPet Cover

Here’s 10 cooling products to help your dog keep cool during warmer days:

  1. Animate Cooling Dog Coat and Bag Specially developed for warmer months, this coat keeps your dog 6-12 degrees cooler during high temperatures. It’s easily adjustable with chest and stomach straps and comes in a handy moisture-retaining bag, perfect for travelling.
  2. All For Paws Chill Out Orange Flyer Is a fun and refreshing toy for your dog to play with indoors or outside in the garden. Simply soak the toy in water and watch as the sponge absorbs it and gentle releases as your dog plays.
  3. Coco Jojo Cooling Mat Filled with a safe, non-toxic gel that starts 5 to 10 degrees cooler than room temperature, this mat helps cool your dog down. The mat can be used on its own or in your dog’s bed or even in a carrier for summer trips to the beach.
  4. All For Paws Chill Out Ice Ball Is perfect for dogs that love to play games. To use soak the ball in water and place in the freezer, once frozen the ball will give your dog hours of cool play.
  5. All For Paws Chill Out Splash and Fun Dog Pool Your dog can enjoy splashing around for hours in this pool. Made from extra tough PVC and with an anti-slip bottom, you won’t have to worry about accidents or leaks.
  6. Coco Jojo Cooling Dog Bandana This is a great addition to your dog’s summer wardrobe. Made from cotton, simply soak it in water and put around your dog’s neck to keep them cool on walks or for around the home.
  7. All For Paws Chill Out Garden Water Fountain Designed to keep your dog hydrated and entertained, providing fresh water at the push of paw. It’s easy to set up, simply connect it to your garden house. The built in pressure regulator will manage the water flow so it makes it suitable for dogs of all sizes.
  8. All For Paws Chill Out Cooler Bowl This bowl is great for keeping your dog’s food cool and fresh during the summer.
  9. Coco Jojo Cooling Towel Made of a fabric-like material that’s soft and comfortable when wet, keeping pets cool for hours.
  10. Coco JoJo Cooling Vest Lightweight and designed to keep your pet cool and comfortable on hot days or when on the go. It also helps protect them against UV and heat-related illness and features a reflective tape to keep your pooch safe when night-time draws in.

With these cooling products, you and your dog can enjoy the warmer weather together. You can read more in our blog post Keeping Your Dog Cool in Warm Weather.

If you’re concerned about your dog during spells of warm weather, please seek advice from your vet in the first instance.

Here’s a handy little infographic to help dog owners understand the effects on warm weather on their canine chums.

Keep your dog cool - dog insurance from MiPet Cover

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