Keeping your dog cool in warm weather

We love to make the most of the warm weather in the UK. Getting out to enjoy walkies in the local park or even a day spent in the garden is great for everyone’s wellbeing. However, as a result of your dog’s thick fur (and their love of running around and playing!), our best friends can overheat very quickly. Because of this, it’s important to make a conscious effort to cool your dog down in warm weather, so here’s how you can help them.

Provide a constant supply of water

Ensuring that your dog has constant access to clean and cool water is a vital part of keeping them safe in the heat. Not only will the cold water lower their core temperature, the water will prevent them from suffering from dehydration. This goes for when you’re out, too – take a travel water bowl with you when you take your dog out and encourage them to drink on a regular basis.

Giving your dog cool treats is another great way to keep them cool and hydrated. Cucumber is great because of its high water content, but you could also keep some of their normal treats in the fridge.

A happy dog in the park. Keeping your dog cool in hot weather

Choose your walks carefully

Your dog will still need to be walked, even when it’s warm, but you should be more selective of when and where you’re walking. Try to walk your dog early in the morning or later in the evening to avoid being outside in the hot sun. If you can’t avoid walking later in the day try to choose a route with more shade and walk slowly so that your dog doesn’t overheat too quickly. If possible, walk your dog in a park or a field as the grass will be cooler on their paws than the pavement. If the pavement is too hot to hold the palm of your hand on, it’s too hot for your dog’s paws.

Give them shade

Whether you’re in the garden or out with your pet, it’s important that they have access to shade whenever they need it. Whether it’s a leafy tree, a gazebo or a parasol, spending time in the shade will help to keep your dog cool – just make sure there is as much air as possible in the shaded space.

Keep them groomed

Grooming is particularly important for dogs with long, thick coats. Keeping their coat clean, well-trimmed and brushed will not only help to keep them cool, but will also prevent flies from laying eggs in their fur which could lead to other health problems. It’s particularly important to bathe your dog if they have been swimming in the sea as the salt may irritate your dog’s skin.

Tips to keep your dog cool in the heat. Dog insurance from MiPet Cover.

Keep a close eye on your dog in the hot weather, paying particular attention to their breathing (heavy panting can be a sign of severe dehydration). Do not hesitate to ask your vet for advice if you have the slightest concern.

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