New puppy? Put their best paw forward…

Congratulations on your new puppy!

We hope your new furry friend is settling in well, but while they find their paws, we’re here to help you get started.

new puppy - puppy sleeping

Have you booked in your puppy’s health check and vaccinations?

You can find a local CVS vet who’ll help you care for your puppy’s health throughout their life. Your vet will be able to offer you guidance and advice to best help you look after your new addition as they grow up.

Have you considered setting up a pet insurance policy?

Unexpected vet bills can be costly, so be prepared with a policy that suits your needs. While you compare the MiPet Cover policy options, why not take advantage of our four weeks’ free WalkawayCover? Simply find a local CVS vet and arrange your puppy’s health check. Once they’ve been seen, they could be eligible for their cover to be set up straight-away, giving you peace of mind (Kitten or puppy must be between eight weeks to one year of age and is subject to a CVS veterinary practice health check. WalkawayCover covers illness and accidents instantly. Not all breeds of dog are eligible.)

Preventative care can help your puppy’s health stay in tip-top condition

The Healthy Pet Club scheme helps you to take care of your new puppy while you enjoy savings of up to £200 per year (or more for larger breeds)*. The Healthy Pet Club membership includes all of your dog’s essential annual vaccinations, flea and worm treatments, vet health checks every six months, plus access to a great range of benefits including 10% discount on everything in practice…which means you’ll save when you treat your pup to some new toys or treats!

*Visit for further information.

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More pets = more fun!

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