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How to have a pawfect International Day of Happiness

Friday 20 March 2020 marks the International Day of Happiness. We all know our animal companions offer us so much joy, so what fun things can we do to bring happiness to us and our furry friends? Here’s a few fun activities you could both get up to that will certainly bring you good vibes […]

Doggy Fitness: Tips on keeping your canine chum fit and happy

Doggy fitness and activity is an important part of your pooch’s daily routine. Regular exercise and activity will help keep them mentally stimulated, make your dog feel happier and maintain their weight. It’s important to make sure your dog has at least one walk a day so they don’t become frustrated. Puppies require different levels of […]

Feline Fitness: Exercise Tips for Cats

With pet obesity on the rise in the UK, it’s important to make sure that your feline friend is getting enough exercise and physical activity – even more so for indoor cats that are not venturing outside. If this isn’t currently the case, it can have negative effects for your cat’s quality of life. A […]

Woofy workouts: Power dog walking

Are you hoping to step up your dog walks so that they can turn into more of a workout for both you and your dog? Brisk power dog walks can be a great way for you both to do more exercise, especially of the aerobic variety. The idea is that you get your dog’s heart […]

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