How to have a pawfect International Day of Happiness

Friday 20 March 2020 marks the International Day of Happiness.

We all know our animal companions offer us so much joy, so what fun things can we do to bring happiness to us and our furry friends?

Here’s a few fun activities you could both get up to that will certainly bring you good vibes (and a purr/ waggy tail!)

1. Get outdoors!

Enjoy some fresh air, scenery and a little exercise with a good old fashioned bimble.

There are some brilliant dog walks in the UK – check out our guide to Top Walks in England or the OS Top 100 walks for some inspiration.

Even a brisk 10 minute walk has plenty of health benefits including maintaining a healthy weight, preventing or managing certain health conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes and, of course, improving your general mood and well being.

Walking a dog on the beach. Enjoy the International Day of Happiness.

If you’re feeling a little more energetic and want to paw the line, why not have a go at running with your dog?

Whether you pop outside for a quick trot around the block or get into some Canicross racing events, running is guaranteed to promote happy feelings and offer a bundle of health benefits.

2. Pamper your cat

Whether your feline friend is a longhair or a shorthair breed, he or she will benefit from a regular cat grooming routine.

Grooming your cat - International Day of Happiness. A lady cuddles her cat.

Your cat will purrfectly pampered whilst you tease out the tangles and check for any unwanted critters.

It’ll also help you both feel relaxed and spending time on this activity will strengthen the bond between you and your purrfect pal.

3. Make plans to visit a pet-themed event

As a nation of animal lovers, we Brits are well and truly spoiled with pet-related events throughout the year.

Whether it be a show, charity event or a chance to treat your best friend after a few hours retail therapy, there’s something out there for every pet owner.

Here’s our top picks if you’re looking for some inspiration:

  • The National Pet Show (POSTPONED UNTIL 2021 – Date TBA) – Held every year at Birmingham’s NEC, the National Pet Show claims to be ‘an unmissable event for pet lovers, owners and families! Packed full of hundreds of different animals, amazing animal action displays and plenty of fun and informative talks. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet and learn about different types of animals as well as discover the latest goodies and gadgets to buy.’
  • LondonCats (CANCELLED) – Why not hot paw it to Maidstone for this year’s show? LondonCats Worldwide promises to be ‘a cat show like you’ve never seen before’. With lots going on including cat shows, boutique shopping, entertainment and the Kitty Corner stage, it’s the ultimate day out for any cat lover.
  • The Muddy Dog Challenge – Two and four-legged competitors can enjoy some wet and muddy fun across the UK as part of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home’s Muddy Dog Challenge. Bow-wow your friends (and see if they’ll sponsor you too!) by taking on the challenge which means you’ll need to ‘prepare yourself for a day of mud, sweat, and cheers on our dog-friendly obstacle course. By taking part, you’ll be helping us provide love and care for the thousands of lost, abandoned and unwanted dogs and cats that come into our care.’

4. Have a go at Doga (Doggy Yoga)

Yoga with dogs (otherwise known as “doga”) has become a popular activity in the US as a way for dog owners to relax and spend time with their pet while working out.

There are even doga classes for those who want to get involved in it. It’s not caught on as much here in the UK so far but it’s not necessarily as crazy as you might think.

Doga - yoga with dogs. A lady cuddles her dog. Celebrating the International Day of Happiness.

While your dog is very unlikely to be able to achieve some of the more complex yoga poses that require humans to twist and contort, many of their natural stretches have a lot in common with basic yoga moves.

Here’s our guide to having a go at Doga. Namaste!

5. Bake some pet treats

We all love a little treat every now and again. Baking your own creations can be both fun and therapeutic.

Why not pop on a pinny and have a go at baking your own tasty pet treats to keep your dog’s tails wagging and your cat purring.

Check out our pawsome pet treat recipes to get you started.

A cat and a man rub noses

We hope you have a very enjoyable International Day of Happiness!

No matter what adventures you get up to, it’s always a great idea to have a pet insurance policy in place. That way you can have peace of mind that your pet is covered in case of the unexpected.

More pets = more fun!

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