Kennel Cough

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Why are Vaccinations Important for my Dog?

It’s recommended that all dogs should start their vaccinations from around eight weeks of age. Your puppy or adult dog should be vaccinated against: Parvovirus Distemper Kennel Cough Leptospirosis Infectious Hepatitis To prevent infectious diseases in the future, all dogs should be continue to be protected throughout their life with annual boosters. These are often […]

Kennel Cough

Kennel Cough is more formally known by vets as Infectious Tracheo-Bronchitis. It’s actually several different viruses and bacteria that gang up together to cause respiratory disease (nose, throat and chest). The main culprit is a bacteria called Bordetella. Bordetella is very infectious and can spread from dog to dog rapidly. It can be picked up […]

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