2020’s Top 10 Cat Names – Did your Cat’s Name Claw its Way to the Top?

We think it’s fur to say that 2020 wasn’t exactly the purrfect year we’d all hoped for…but at least we still had our feline friends for cuddles, companionship and crazy cat chaos.

2020s Top 10 Cat Names

Last year, you may have rehomed a cat from a rescue centre, or perhaps you collected a cute kitten to join your family?

As we continue with our mission to get #morepetsinsured, we always look forward to finding out what were last year’s most popular cat names.

After sifting through our cat insurance policy data, we’re excited to reveal the top 10 female and male cat names from 2020.

Here we go…!

Here’s the full countdown of female and male cat names:


1 Luna
2 Bella
3 Poppy
4 Willow
5 Nala
6 Lola
7 Daisy
8 Tilly
9 Coco
10 Rosie

Luna and Bella have their claws firmly in spots #1 and #2 for yet another year in a row, with Willow has pouncing up the chart a couple of places.

All of the 2020 cat names were also included in the top 10 from last year with just a bit of moving and shaking here and there in terms of placings.


1 Milo
2 Simba
3 Leo
4 Charlie
5 Jasper
6 Loki
7 Max
8 Oscar
9 Alfie
10 Tigger

Milo held strong as the top cat name again for the third year in a row, with Simba standing firm for the second year as runner up.

All of our male cat names remain in the list again, with the odd positions moving up and down. Tigger was the biggest mover, falling from #6 to #10.

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