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How can you help your dog’s sensitive stomach?

Just like us, dogs can experience a stomach upset or become sensitive to a specific food or ingredients that make their digestive system work a little harder. Signs to look out for which may mean your dog has a sensitive stomach: • Loose or runny stools • Poor appetite • Occasional vomiting • Constipation • […]

Having your dog spayed or neutered

There are several benefits to having your dog spayed or neutered. Here’s what you need to know about getting your dog spayed or neutered, and at what age this should ideally be done. The benefits of having your dog spayed or neutered There are various health-related benefits associated with having your dog spayed or neutered, […]

Cat anxiety: Tips on giving your cat confidence

Cat anxiety can be difficult as it is often confused with unfriendliness and aggression, meaning it’s dealt with in the wrong way. Hiding, hissing and scratching may actually be signs that your cat is trying to protect itself out of fear, rather than pushing you away out of spite. Not only will increasing your cat’s […]

Pet First Aid

Emergency situations can arise for your pet at any time. As a pet owner, would you know what to do if your pet required First Aid? It’s understandable to be worried and concerned, and the thought of trying to stay calm while your pet is in pain or discomfort isn’t easy. It’s always worthwhile swatting […]

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