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The Top Puppy & Kitten Names of 2022

It’s time to find out the most purr-ferred and pup-ular pet names of 2022! We’ve pawed through last year’s data and can exclusively reveal the top ten puppy and kitten names from 2022. Check out this short video for the big reveal… These new fluffy friends joined The Healthy Pet Club or took advantage of […]

Top 10 Girl Kitten Names from 2021

What were the top girl kitten names from 2021? Did you get a female kitten last year? If so, does her name feature in our list? The nation has been naming their new little bundles of furry joy, and we can exclusively reveal the top ten list below! The top 10 most popular female kitten […]

Top 10 Boy Kitten Names from 2021

Did you welcome a boy kitten into your home last year? Many of us had great fun choosing a name for our new furry member of the family. We’ve pawed through all the boy kitten names to discover the most popular choices for male felines during 2021. The most popular boy kitten names of 2021 […]

Teaching your Kitten how to use the Litter Tray

Find out the easiest way to teach your kitten how to use her litter tray by watching our top five tips in this short (and very cute!) video.  Our step-by-step guide to litter tray training Offer your kitten or cat a clean litter tray away from her food and water. Keep the litter tray […]

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