Lovable Labradors crowned leaders of the pack

The trusty Labrador has been crowned Britain’s favourite breed in 2018 following a poll of 10,000 participants.

The ITV show, Britain’s Favourite Dogs, counted down the top 100 breeds to finally announce Labs as the winner. Presenter, Sara Cox, cited “People love a lab, that’s why they’re seen in every street and every park. They seem to understand humans like no other breed.”

Labradors - Selfie time! A lady takes a selfie with her dog.

Narrowly missing out on the top spot were mixed breeds (2), Jack Russell Terriers (3), Staffordshire Bull Terriers (4) and Border Collies (5).

Spaniels dominated the top ten with toy breed, the Cavalier King Charles, taking the number 10 spot. Both the Springer Spaniel and the Cocker Spaniel pawed their way into positions nine and six respectively.

With such a diverse number of breeds featured in the show, there’s no doubt that Britain is indeed a nation of dog lovers.

Host Sara Cox added “Every dog is a winner, but the Labrador is top dog.’

Published: January 2018

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