Yappy Christmas everyone! How to keep your pets in good spirits…

Christmas is often the perfect time for a catch up with friends and family but the change in routine combined with unfamiliar faces can be unsettling for some pets.

Here are some handy tips on how to keep your pets calm and happy if you’re expecting guests and visitors.

  • Keep as much as you can the same. It’s often difficult to stick to your usual routine at this time of year, but where possible try to keep walks, feed and play times the same as they would be on a normal day.
  • Administer supplements a few days in advance of your visitors arriving so they are not forgotten about or a rushed process when your guests are around.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever dog and fluffy cat in a room with a fireplace. Yappy Christmas. Christmas with pets.

  • Make sure there’s a quiet place for your pet – this is especially important for cats. If you’re congregating in the living room, make sure there’s a den somewhere upstairs where your pet can hide.
  • Allow them free access to the whole house – don’t shut them away in a room as this may cause them further upset and make the situation worse.
  • Make sure your pet is fed before your guests arrive. It’s a good idea to give them access to food and water near their quiet place, and also provide a litter tray for cats. However don’t have the food, water and litter trays too close together as this will put your cat off using them.

Of course, we’re sure your pet would love a treat or two underneath the Christmas tree, so why not check out our gift guide for dogs and gift guide for cats?

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