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Festive Foods for Pets to Avoid

There’s always plenty of delicious food and drink around at Christmas and it can be just as tempting for our pets to snaffle it as it is for us. However, no matter how much your pet might want to share your Christmas treats, it’s important to resist giving in to them. You might think that […]

2020 Christmas Gift Guide: Purrfect Prezzies for your Cat

The festive season brings fun, furballs and frolics, but choosing the purrfect Christmas gifts for your cat can become a bit of a head scratcher. Make sure Santa Claws brings your feline friend what they dream of with our guide to the top presents you can give your cat this Christmas. Christmas Elf Teaser – […]

Cat’s Entertainment! Purrfect Lockdown 2.0 Cat Toys

Now many of us are facing lockdown again, we’re spending more time at home. This could result in your feline friend craving a little more attention from you. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of top cat toys in collaboration with Animed Direct, featuring some of our favourite picks you can get your […]

Building a Den for your Pet

Fireworks season is just around the corner which can often mean one thing for our furry-friends…Fear. Bright lights, loud noises and unfamiliar people can all be triggers of anxiety and stress for our pets. By creating your pet their very own den, you’ll be offering them a safe haven where they can feel comforted and […]

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